Contact Me

You may contact me by phone or e-mail any day of the week or holidays.  It is usually faster to talk on the phone, but if it is late or early in the day, e-mail is always fine too.  There may be times when I may be out of the area and unavailable, but I will always respond to your calls or messages as soon as I possibly can to see if we can make arrangements for the rescue.  If you call and do not get an answer, please leave a message if you want me to call back.  I don't return missed calls unless you leave a message.

When you contact me, please be prepared to give me the following information:
  1. Your name and phone number
  2. The name, address and precise location of the cat
  3. The property owner's permission
  4. If there are any power lines close to the tree
  5. How long the cat has been in the tree
  6. Verify that you have read the previous Before You Contact Me section and are willing to sign the Cat Rescue Service Agreement
  7. Determine what is to be done with the cat when I bring him down

In addition, it is often helpful for me to know more about the cat's disposition:
  1. Tame or feral or unknown
  2. Is the cat injured
  3. How does he usually react to strangers
  4. Places he likes or hates to be touched
  5. Does he like or hate to be picked up
  6. Does he hate cat carriers
  7. Favorite or usual food

It is certainly not required, but if you have the ability to send pictures of the site to me, it is very helpful.  I can accept the pictures by e-mail or by text message to my phone, whatever is easier for you.