Rescue Stories

cats rescued since December 2014 (and one iguana)

Click the images or links below to see the full story of each rescue.  These stories are not all of my rescues, though I do intend to include all of them from this point forward.  For the early rescues I did not take any pictures or even any good notes, and I don’t remember most of the details.  Some were very quick and uneventful, such as the feral cats that were so scared of my appearance that they just jumped down and ran off before I could do anything.  I was lucky in that most of the early rescues were very easy as I had very cooperative cats that would walk straight into a carrier without any hesitation.  One even walked across my lap into the carrier before I could even open the can of food.

After the early rescues, I started using a helmet-mounted camera to record the action.  Unfortunately, I often do not have video to share, because I have had an exceptionally high failure rate due to either bad luck or stupidity.  Either I forgot to turn it on, or the memory card was filled, or the battery died, or the camera was bumped into a position where all that could be seen was my helmet or the sky.  I will keep trying.

Child's drawing of tree with cat on it and the words "Think you so moch for safeing our cat."
Cats never say “thank you,” but it is often easy to see just how relieved, if not happy, they are to be down on the ground again.  It is very rewarding and gratifying to me to help them get there.  It is also a joy to see the relief and happiness on the face of the cat owners when they have their cat back in their arms.  This image shows a drawing that the 7 year-old daughter in OrangeJello's family drew for me.  These are my priceless rewards.

I love doing this.

Rescue Stories

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