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Tahli's Second Rescue

It was just eleven days ago when I rescued Tahli, and now he needs to be rescued again. In fact, he is in the same spot in the same tree. Same song, second verse. I was not happy with the way his rescue worked out the last time, because we had some bad luck that scared him and caused him to back away from me in fear. He ended up falling 10 feet into another nearby tree where a good neighbor stood up on a ladder and brought him down. While it all worked out in the end, it was a scary experience for Tahli, and I wanted to be sure I was extra careful with him this time. He is a friendly boy, and I want to be sure that I make friends with him this time and bring him down in a more comfortable and secure way. At his last rescue, the bad luck started when I shot the weighted bag over the limb I wanted, and it got tangled in the foliage of another nearby tree. It took some noisy and violent pulling to get it free, and that is what scared Tahli. This time, I decided to play it safe and j

Cookie 2

It was just two and a half weeks ago that I rescued a cat named Cookie, and now I have a completely different cat with the same name to rescue. This Cookie is all black except for a thin strip of white on his chest, and he is stuck in the top of a vine-covered Tallow tree on the fence line of his backyard. We don't know why he climbed up there. He has never done anything like this before, but there he is now, about 40 feet high on the highest branch of the tree. Sheila found him there late in the evening, and the next day, she called the Animal Control office which referred her to me. You can't see Cookie in this picture, because he is covered by the vines and foliage behind the branch that enters the circle, but that is where he is. Since Cookie was already at the top of the tree, I could not set my rope above him. At first, I picked the next significant branch below him and planned to install my rope there, but just before I began to aim my big sling shot to launch my wei


When Kathy and her family went to their camp recently, a small orange tabby kitten approached them. The kitten was cute and friendly, so they spent some time with it while assuming and hoping it belonged to someone nearby. They went back home but returned to the camp the next week, and the kitten was still there. This time, they decided they needed to take it home with them. Kathy convinced her son to take it and, perhaps, give it to his girl friend. The son named it Tahli and presented it to his girl friend, but she was not as thrilled about the kitten as everyone had hoped. Apparently, neither was the son, because, now, Tahli is living with Kathy. Tahli is only three months old, but he has already found himself stuck in a tree in the back yard. We don't know how it happened, but Kathy found him about 9:00 at night, and, after doing some research on the internet, she found me and called the next morning. We arranged to meet there later in the afternoon. Tahli was 25 feet hig

Simba's Seventh Rescue

Yes, it happened again. We all knew it would. Simba, my most loyal customer, escaped from the house and let his magnetic attraction to trees get to him again. He got stuck 20 feet high in a tree in his front yard and spent the whole day there before Shelly found him late that evening. Shelly contacted me right away, and I told her I would be there in the morning. Simba is such a cool cat. I'm sure there must be something that will upset him, but I have never seen it. He is always very relaxed, confident and docile. When Shelly takes him to the vet, she does not put him in a carrier. Instead, she puts a harness on him and carries him. He stays relaxed in the waiting room with big dogs and other cats as well as during the visit with the vet. Nothing seems to worry him. Simba is a beautiful cat, too. He has short hair, but his coat is very thick and soft. His eyes are a beautiful blue color, but for some reason that color never seems to show in his pictures or videos.  When I


Most cookies are sweet. Some are tough. But this Cookie was just scared. After all, he is only four months old, and this is the first time he has ever been in a tree. Cookie is a gray and white tabby kitten that got stuck in the River Birch tree just outside his front door, and he didn't have a clue about how to get down. Melinda was right there with him trying to help him down, but Cookie kept going higher and higher because that was the only direction he knew how to go. Melinda was very worried about her kitten and wasted no time in trying to find help. By the time she found and called me, Cookie had been in the tree only two hours. When Melinda called me, I was concerned about the weather. We had been having frequent thunderstorms for the past few days and more were in the forecast. While there had been light rain this morning, it appeared to be easing off, and I didn't see any threat of thunderstorms for the near term on the radar picture. I took advantage of this break