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It's a familiar story: a kitten of mysterious origin suddenly appears at a random house, gradually works its way into the heart and home, and becomes a lifelong member of the family. In this particular case, the kitten is a tortie, now named Lily, who appeared at Brittany's rural workplace in Picayune, Mississippi. Lily likes Brittany best, but she has become accepted and well-loved by everyone there, and Lily, who is now about 12 weeks old, already has a spay appointment with the veterinarian in a few days. In the meantime, another familiar story played out: kitten goes missing and is found stuck in a tree. Yes, Lily was found about 35 feet high in a skinny tree just inside the wooded area behind the house after she had spent the night there. Brittany contacted me that day, but bad weather would prevent a rescue until the following morning. Lily was in a tree with two stems, one larger than the other, and, of course, Lily climbed the skinny one. The skinny stem was too small f


When Coco was just a kitten, she was found at, of all places, an alligator farm. That's not a safe place for a kitty, but, fortunately, a friend of Lea's found the kitten quickly, and Lea happily adopted her. Coco is now one year old and living the good life with Lea and Eric at their rural home near Covington, Louisiana. Coco got stuck 30 feet high in the top of a small Pine tree in a small wooded area along the edge of their property, and she could not figure out how to get down. She spent two hot nights and one very hot day in the tree before I arrived to rescue her. She was pretty miserable up there and was very happy to see me climb up to her. She made friends with me easily and was quite eager to step on my lap where I had prepared the cat bag for her. She was clearly relieved to have some help, and I enjoyed holding her and visiting with her there for a moment before I pulled the cat bag up around her. She is safe and comfortable at home now, and Lea and Eric could not b


Squash is a one-year-old orange tabby boy who lives with Hailey at her rural home near Bogalusa, Louisiana. Squash is strictly an inside-only kitty, but lately he has been perfecting the art of dashing out the door whenever he finds an opening. That is what he did one recent night, and he dashed out into the darkness where Hailey could not find him. The next day, however, she found him, but he was stuck in a Pine tree deep in the woods behind the house. Squash, like his feline and canine siblings in the house, is not just a pet. In this house, pets are family, and preservation of the family is paramount. Hailey would do anything in her power to help get her beloved Squash down, but, even though she tried, climbing the tree was beyond her power. After fruitless calls to tree services and others, she finally found me with an internet search, and I agreed to go there the following morning after Squash's second night in the tree. When I arrived, Hailey led me along a vague, obstructed