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Alley is a tame, sweet, young calico who had been stuck in a tree for seven nights before I got the call to rescue her.  She had been stuck once before in another tree but somehow found her way down on her fifth day.  More than likely she fell, but she won't talk about it and holds that secret to this day.  Her family was hoping she would find her way down again this time, but it was not happening.  With the help of their out-of-state daughter who did some web searches, they finally found me on Alley's eighth day. It was a 45-minute drive out to their very rural home where I found Alley about 30 feet high in a tree next to the driveway.  This picture shows her position circled in red.  I was told that Alley was a very tame lap cat who showed no fear or stress around strangers, so I was hoping for an easy rescue.  Indeed, she was a very cooperative kitty and a quick and easy rescue. I thought she might be more interested in water than food after eight days in a tree, so


There is so much we do not know about Lanie.  She was discovered and reported by a good Samaritan who happened to notice her stuck in a tree nearby while he was having lunch at a local public park.  We don't know where Lanie came from, who she belongs to, how she got there, how long she had been in the tree, or even her name.  We don't know if she wandered there, was dumped there, or if she stowed away in a vehicle which stopped nearby.  There were no Lost Cat signs in the area, and no posts on the local lost pets website for her. I found her in the tree walking along a branch about 12 feet high and calling urgently for somebody to help her.  She walked on the branch toward me calling to me as I approached her, so it appeared that she would be a cooperative kitty.  She also demonstrated to me that she could walk the branch down to the trunk of the tree which was even lower.  Since she was cooperative and low enough, I saw no need to climb the tree.  This was a case where the


Kini (pronounced keen-ee) is a mostly-indoor, mostly-black cat who got herself in trouble when she, unknown to her family, hid in their truck while they drove a few blocks from home early one morning.  When the truck stopped, she jumped out and found herself facing a very unfriendly dog.  Kini ran up the nearest tree and escaped the dog, but she found herself stuck in a tree in a foreign territory.  Kini's owner, Marie, tried to coax her down, but she just could not manage it.  Marie was worried that if Kini managed to come down on her own, she would not know where she was or how to get back home.  So Marie sat with her all day long to be sure she would be there when or if Kini came down. It was late that afternoon when I got the call, and it would take me at least an hour and a half to get there, probably longer given the Friday afternoon rush-hour traffic.  Normally, I would have offered to go early the next morning, but when I learned that Kini was well out of her own territ