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Whenever I see news about an approaching hurricane or tropical storm, I automatically expect to get a call for a rescue just before the storm arrives. That seems to be the way it works, and that trend continued with the approach of hurricane Laura. The weather was already getting ominous when Andrea called me to rescue her cat, and there were only a few hours left before the violent outer band of storms was due to arrive. Cats just seem to have a knack for getting themselves in trouble at bad times. Fortunately, Andrea found him just in time and called me right away. When I arrived, I could hear the cat crying, but I had trouble finding him in the tree.  He was about 30 feet high on the lowest limb of a Pine tree in his own front yard, but only a portion of his head was poking around the trunk. His name is Ham, and he is seven years old and the last surviving kitty of his litter, all of which were named after deli meats. They were born to a feral mother at Andrea's house, but Andre


Stormy is an inside cat, but lately this two-year-old, tuxedo kitty has been hearing the call of the wild and has been darting out the door when he sees a chance. After his most recent escape, he climbed up a tree in his backyard in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and got stuck there. He was 25 feet high and beyond Tiffany's reach and abilities. He did this once before, and, after one night in the tree, he either came down or fell down and appeared at the door ready to come back inside. Tiffany was hoping he would do that again, but this time, he kept staying in the tree, and Tiffany was getting more and more worried. Stormy has one feline sibling, an orange tabby named Sunny, and he also has two canine siblings, but on the same day Stormy got stuck in the tree, one of his canine siblings had to be put to sleep due to cancer. Tiffany was stressed enough about the loss of her beloved dog, but now she had the additional worry about losing her Stormy as well.   She contacted Bob Reese,