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Mulatto is a sweet, tame black-and-white girl who had been stuck in this cypress tree for one night.  The small limbs on this tree provided very uncomfortable footing and no place to rest.  When I arrived, I found her here resting her belly and back legs over a tiny branch which must have been very uncomfortable.  She had to alternate between standing with discomfort on her feet or resting with the discomfort of a small branch digging into her belly.  The  strain of this in the hot August days left her exhausted, panting and dehydrated. All of the limbs of this tree were very small, but I found one up very high that was substantial enough to hold my weight.  There was not much room to weave my body around and through all the closely-spaced branches, but Mulatto was only about 18 feet high, so it would not be difficult very long. Fortunately, Mulatto was not afraid of me and allowed me to approach her and pet her.  Since she was friendly, I wanted to entice her into a carrier with