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Starbuck's Second Rescue

Starbuck is not a mischievous or troublesome kitty, but this is the second time that those neighboring dogs startled and scared her up a tree.  The first time was eight months ago when they scared her up the next-door neighbor's live oak tree.  Now it has happened again, but this time she escaped to the sweet gum tree just a few feet away.  Starbuck climbed up about 40 feet where she found a sizable junction to rest, but she still didn't know how to come down and was stuck there.  Keenan discovered her there when he returned home from work that evening and called me.  Since I could not go that evening, I arranged to be there first thing in the morning. When I arrived, I met Malory and she pointed to Starbuck in the next-door neighbor's back yard.  Fortunately, the next door neighbors are an extremely gracious and welcoming couple who happily allowed us in their backyard.  It is such a relief to me when the neighbors are so understanding and cooperative, because, otherw