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Kristy went out to the shed in her backyard to clean out some things that were damaged in the recent flood.  With her was her dog, Blue, who was on a leash.  As they went out into the yard, they noticed a young Siamese cat sitting in the yard.  Blue lives with cats and gets along well with them, but this was an unknown foreign cat, and he felt it was his duty to chase it away.  He bolted toward the cat so quickly and forcefully that he pulled the leash out of Kristy’s hand.  She ran after Blue who was running after the cat who was running for his life.  The cat ran under the back fence into a dense, overgrown wild area with Blue following closely behind.  Kristy was unable to get through the fence as quickly as they did and she listened as she heard them tangle somewhere in the weeds out of sight.  The cat ran up a pine tree on the edge of the property line to escape the danger, while Kristy managed to get Blue back to her and take him inside. Kristy is a caring and responsible


The great flood of August 2016 displaced thousands of people and their pets.  It is a very difficult and stressful experience for people, but at least they can understand what has happened and know how to adapt.  Thousands of cats, however, have been disoriented by this sudden, drastic and unexplained event which made their territory unrecognizable and removed all traces of their scent and objects that defined their ownership there.  Many cats have been lost as they tried to escape the rising water.  Others survived the flood only to find their own home unrecognizable as all the things inside, including the walls and floors, are removed and piled in a huge heap in the yard.  Suddenly their own home is a strange and foreign place with no trace of their own scent to tell them that they belong here.  For a cat, that is a scary thing, and many have been lost as they wandered off looking for something familiar.   Such may be the case with Dawson, the friendly orange and white, 13 year old b

Car Wash Kittens Ready for Adoption

It was six weeks ago that I captured the notorious Car Wash Gang , that fierce and tough-looking gang of kittens that was hiding out on the roof of an abandoned car wash building.  The feral mama and daddy cats were trapped, spayed/neutered and returned, and they continue to reside there today.  One of the kittens escaped capture and has not been seen since.  It is possible that he was a victim of the great flood that occurred last month.  Whitey, the tiny, sickly runt of the gang, died of pneumonia shortly after his capture.  The remaining three kittens, all orange tabbies, have not only survived, but also progressed to the point that they are now ready for adoption. Orange tabbies are usually male, but this litter is very special and unusual in that all three of the orange tabbies are female.  These girls are sweeties and beauties and deserve a loving home.  Now they are in need of just one more rescue, and I need your help in finding a great home for them.  Contact information is