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Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat is a very cute, sweet-looking calico, but she sure was rude and troublesome. First, she picked a horrible, skinny tree to climb, and then, when I made the slow, tedious and strenuous climb up near the skinny top where I was swaying in the wind, she had the gall to climb all the way to the tip top where I could not reach her. After that, she teased me by pretending to be friendly as she came down toward me, but then she jumped over to the other stem of the tree and climbed all the way up to the wispy top. She also lacked basic courtesy. Almost every time I reached my hand out to her, she swatted at it and hissed. Now that wasn't nice, and it hurt my feelings. Fortunately, I found that her hunger was strong enough to get her to come close to me for the food I offered, but, just as she finally came close to me, I dropped the food. I watched in horror as the food, my only hope for rescuing her, fell 30 feet below, because I knew I had no more food with me, and she was not goi


One of the most common times when an indoor cat escapes outside is when guests are visiting. Guests can't be expected to be thoroughly aware and vigilant about preventing an escape as they go in and out, and cats often take advantage of these opportunities to answer the call of the wild. That is what happened with Piper, the eight-month-old black kitty belonging to Emily. Piper was just one week old when Emily found her and nursed her back to health, and their bond has only grown and strengthened since that time. Piper is strictly an indoor cat, but when Emily's guests failed to close the door quickly enough as they were leaving early one morning, Piper escaped. Fortunately, Piper climbed a tree near the front door and got stuck there. How is it fortunate that Piper got stuck in a tree? Considering that many indoor cats that escape become lost and are not found for various periods of time ranging from hours to never, I think it is fortunate that Piper climbed this tree where sh


Shadow is an 18-month-old black kitty who belongs to Katherine, and Shadow got stuck in a tree in an overgrown wooded area behind his house in Gonzales, Louisiana. He had been stuck there about 25 feet high for one night when I arrived to rescue him. The most difficult part of his rescue was just getting to the tree and installing my rope with very limited access, but, once that was done, the rest was easy. Shadow was very cooperative and made friends with me very quickly. Since he was so comfortable with me and showed an interest in getting on my lap, I spread the cat bag on my lap and invited him onto it. He readily stepped on my lap, and, after petting him a little while, I pulled the bag up around him and took him down. Katherine took him home and released him, and Shadow headed straight to the litter box. Cats don't like to pee in the tree, so they hold it as long as they can, and 24 hours is about their limit. Shadow had been in the tree just over 24 hours. You may notice som


Shay is a sweet, one-year-old, black-and-white kitty, but she runs away from strangers. Two different people tried to rescue her when she got stuck in a neighbor's Pine tree, but they both failed because Shay would not let them get close enough to her. After Shay spent three nights in the tree, it was now my turn to see if I could get this kitty back on the ground and bring some relief to her owner, Birgid, who had been very worried and stressed during this ordeal. From the ground, while I was preparing to climb, Shay appeared downright friendly, but, once I climbed up near her, she remained true to her reputation and walked out to the end of the limb to get away from me. The usual coaxing produced no results, but, when I pulled out a small bag of treats and shook it, she suddenly perked up and came toward me. She was hesitant as she approached me, but, when I reached out to her, she sniffed my hand and then turned around and went back out to the end of the limb. I was pleased with