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Kitty's Third Rescue

Believe it or not, Kitty really is an indoor cat.  He just has this knack for sneaking out the door at unexpected times and making a run for it.  He lives way out in the country, so once he gets out, there are real dangers out there that would scare any cat.  So it is not surprising that each time Kitty has escaped, he has found himself up a tree.  His owners, Austin and Erika, have tried so hard to keep him from escaping, and they have managed to keep him inside almost a year since he last escaped and climbed a tree.  But Kitty is a devious boy, and he found a way to get out one more time. After Kitty escaped, Austin and Erika looked for him but could not find him.  They looked in all the areas he has frequented in the past, but he was not to be found.  They knew to look for him in the trees, and they called for him and listened for him to respond, but still they could not find him.  They searched for him for five days with no luck, before something fortunate happened:  their next d

Kitty 3

Cats are not very selective about the trees they climb.  Especially if they are being chased by a predator, the closest tree will do no matter what it's condition.  And so it was with Kitty, the solid white cat.  For whatever reason, Kitty climbed a tall dead tree stump.  The top of the tree had broken off long ago providing a safe cavity in the top of the remaining stem where Kitty could safely perch and not worry about falling, even when she fell asleep.  But she found herself 20 feet high on a post of a tree with no branches, and Kitty did not know how to climb down. To make matters worse, the tree she was in was dead and rotted to the point that it was just barely standing.  It was clearly not safe for me to climb, but fortunately, there was a healthy, taller tree right next to it that I could climb and use to reach Kitty.  Compared to the view from the ground, I am often surprised at how different things look once I get up into the tree.  Once I was level with Kitty, I fou