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Mosh is only eight months old, and already she has had a lot of bad luck.  Her owners first found her hiding in their shed where she was suffering with a terrible eye injury and infection.  We don't know what happened to her eye, but it was probably the result of a fight.  However it happened, she needed veterinary care, so off to the vet they went only to learn that the eye would need to be surgically removed.  While Mosh had some bad luck in losing an eye so early in life, she certainly had some good luck in that she found some very nice people who not only cared for her, but adopted her as their own as well. Her bad luck continued, however, when she got stuck 40 feet high in a tallow tree with an injured front leg.  When she stood, she held that leg up presumably because it was painful to put weight on it.  When she was resting, she would let that leg dangle below.  When I got the call about her and heard her story, I wanted to go there as soon as I could so that there would


The weather had been beautiful lately, and I always wish for a rescue to do while the weather is so nice.  But it seems that most of my rescues happen when I am either being chased by rain storms or on very hot days.  This time, however, I got my wish.  It was a cool, clear and dry day when the phone rang.  This time it was from Angie, a cat rescuing acquaintance that I had met once before.  Her cat, Cruiser, was stuck in a tree in her neighbor's yard, and she wanted me to see if I could get him down. Cruiser had found his way to Angie's by hiding unseen in someone's car.  He was a one year old Russian Blue boy, and he made quite a few friends in the neighborhood.  While he was very friendly to Angie and the neighbors, he was generally afraid of strangers, so I was not sure what to expect from him once I reached him in the tree.  The good news, however, was that he was highly food-motivated.  When I arrived, he was resting calmly in the fork of a branch about 20 feet hi