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It is never a good thing when a cat gets stuck in a tree, but in Kiki's case, it was worse than usual, because Kiki had kittens back on the ground who needed her.  Kiki was only 20 feet high, but her fear of falling was even stronger than her instinctive urge to go back to her kittens.  She had been there for three days when her owner, Jessi, found me and called. Kiki was a feral tortoiseshell cat that began to visit the home where Jessi and her twin 3-year old girls lived.  Over time, they gradually befriended Kiki, and Kiki began to trust them and stay longer.  When Jessi discovered the litter of kittens hidden under a Sago palm in her yard, she brought them all inside where she could care for them.  She also made an appointment with the vet to have Kiki spayed.  The date of that appointment was the day that I arrived to rescue her out of the tree, so, of course, Jessi had to reschedule the surgery. The tree Kiki was in was very large and had been struck by lightning in its