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It was late in the afternoon when I got a call from Bertha asking me if I could rescue her cat.  She had called Animal Control, and they gave her my number.  Her cat had been stuck in a tree for three or four days, and she didn't know what else to do.  Since it was too late to get there before dark, I told her I would be there in the morning. The next morning, I arrived to meet Bertha who led me to the tree on the fence line.  When I say "on the fence line," I really mean it.  This large tree had grown around a chain-link fence over a very long time and had completely internalized it.  This was an impressive sight. I could hear the cat crying above us in this tree and looked up to see him peering over at us below.  While Bertha feeds the cat along with a few other cats, she did not claim ownership of it, and, consequently, had not named it.  She also was not sure if it was a male or female.  What was clear, however, was how much she cared about them.  She had been v


His name was originally Garfield. Then they started calling him G-money.  Now they just call him G.  Whatever his name, G is a sweet and very friendly orange tabby that is only four months old.  He got stuck in a tree on the neighbor's property, and it took three days to find him.  When Taylor called me to see about a rescue, I assumed at first that the rescue was for Patsy, a cat of hers that I had rescued once seven months earlier.  But, no, this time it is G, Patsy's kitten.  Apparently, getting stuck in trees runs in the family. When I arrived at Taylor's house, she lead me by car down the road and around the corner to a neighbor's house.  We drove down the long driveway and stopped where it made a loop.  There was G, out on a limb about 25 feet high in a leaning tree which was next to a storage building.  The little guy looked down at us and let out some pitiful cries.  He was clearly tired and wanted down. The branch where I wanted to install my rope was wel


Just five months ago, I rescued an adorable, sweet cat named Doodle , and today, I rescued his adorable, sweet, litter-mate brother, Cosmo.  Doodle and Cosmo live with two different people in different neighborhoods.  Making it even more interesting, the mama cat, Noodle, lives with Cosmo and  often climbs up and down trees on her own.  I don't know if there is a genetic reason, or if it is something that was not learned or taught in the family, but whatever the reason, Doodle and Cosmo don't know how to climb down a tree. Cosmo is strictly an indoor cat, but he slipped out and climbed up a tree in his front yard where he got stuck on a branch about 20 feet high.  Lindsey tried to coax him down, but nothing worked.  Fortunately, Lindsey knew just what to do.  She already knew about me because Paula, her client and Doodle's human mom, had told her about Doodle's rescue a few months earlier.  Lindsey called me early that morning, and I went out there shortly after tha


Nala is an indoor cat, but somehow, while no one was looking, she quickly managed to climb up a tree in her backyard and get stuck.  She was about 30 feet high, pretty near the top of the tree and near the end of a branch that arched over the next-door neighbor's house.  Patty and Glen tried everything they knew to do to get Nala down, but nothing worked.  When darkness fell, Patty searched for help on the internet and found me.  I agreed to go there first thing in the morning. The next morning, I drove to Patty and Glen's house in a pretty neighborhood in Mandeville which is about 70 miles away.   When I arrived, I met Patty and Glen, and they took me to the tree that was holding Nala.  Nala is almost three years old and was actually adopted as a kitten by their daughter just before she left home for college.  So while Nala officially belongs to the daughter, it is Patty and Glen who have been raising her along with their two other cats. Nala was crying to us below wit