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Titty and an Unknown Calico

I had two rescues to do this afternoon: one 45 minutes north of town and the other one 30 minutes south of town. The kitty north of town needed to be done first because she had been stuck in the tree for five days while the other cat had been stuck only two days. I was hoping that the first rescue would be fairly quick and easy so that I would have enough daylight and energy to do the second one. The first rescue was for Titty the kitty in a rural area near Ethel, Louisiana. Titty was 40 feet high in a large Pine tree in a wooded area, and her brown tabby coat blended in so well with the color of the bark of the tree that I had a very difficult time seeing her even after I knew precisely where she was. Titty is an inside cat, but she does get short, supervised visits just outside the door on occasion, and it was on one of these occasions that something unknown suddenly motivated her to run out to this Pine tree and climb it. Anna did her best to get her down or find someone who could,


How about this little cutie. This is Fred, the sweet, one-year-old orange tabby boy who belongs to Kristin and Kalil in Abita Springs, Louisiana. We don't know why he climbed this tree in his backyard, but he was stuck about 40 feet high for four hours before I got the call to rescue him. He looked pitiful when I climbed up to him, but he was calm and cooperative and made the rescue easy for me. He walked into the carrier with no trouble, and I brought him down. He was happy to be back inside with his canine siblings.