Rescue Service

Cats are constantly getting stuck in trees, and there are very few people who are willing and able to rescue them safely. In some areas, there is no one who will rescue the cat, and people and their cats suffer needlessly as a result. I rescue cats in trees to help fill that void and reduce that suffering. I enjoy the challenge of climbing trees and earning the friendship and trust of a new cat, and I especially love returning the cat to its owner's arms and seeing the relief and joy it brings to them both.

If your cat is stuck in a tree, and you have given him a reasonable amount of time to figure out how to come down on his own, then it's time to think about a rescue. Don't let him suffer any longer. I will rescue your cat, and it won't cost a penny.


I rescue cats for free because I love cats, I hate suffering, and I don’t want the cat and owner to suffer just because someone can’t pay. Besides, I am retired, so I have the time, and this does not take me away from a paying job. This is one way in which I am uniquely suited to reduce suffering, and it gives me great joy to do so.

It is very important to me that people know that I will rescue their cat even if they can't afford it. For this reason, I refuse any offer of payment from everyone, rich or poor, even though I am very grateful for the gesture. If you want to give something, I encourage you instead to make a donation to Big Sky CARESCat Haven, Companion Animal Alliance, Northside Humane SocietyPurrs of Hope Rescue or any other local animal welfare organization of your choice. All these organizations are excellent and deserving, and they often help me when I rescue unknown cats who have no place to go.

Rescue Coverage Area

I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and do not have any specific rules about the distance, travel time, or geographic areas that I cover. In principle, I am willing to go to the ends of the earth for a rescue, but there are practical limits. I try to keep my travel time to less than two hours, but I don't always succeed. Much depends on the demand at the time for closer rescues, because I can do three close rescues in a day versus one long-distance one. When in doubt, just call me, especially since I may know someone else who is closer to you and can do the rescue sooner. I maintain a list of other rescuers for my region at the end of the Find a Rescuer page, and, for those who are out of my range, this page has detailed instructions about finding a local rescuer in your area.

Rescue Philosophy

There are many ways to rescue a cat, and my goal is to do so in the gentlest manner possible. Every cat is different, and every tree is different. All rescue options will not be suitable in every case, but I will use the gentlest way that is suitable. In the end, however, even a forceful rescue is much better than none at all.

I like to enlist the cat’s cooperation as much as possible, and I do my best to earn his trust. Not only is that easier on the cat, it makes my job easier as well. I sometimes use food to entice the cat to come closer to me or inside a carrier. Most cats that have been stuck in a tree for a day or more are very food-motivated, and many will readily walk into a carrier to get it. Some cats are so tired of being in the tree that they readily come to me begging for rescue without my enticing them with anything at all. But not every cat is so cooperative. Some will cooperate if I give them enough time to get used to me and see that I am not a threat. However, some cats, especially feral ones, may not cooperate at all and instead climb higher in the tree. Even so, I still have ways to rescue them.

I love cats, and I love trees too. I climb trees using ropes and professional climbing gear and methods that do no harm to the tree. I never use spikes; I don’t even own them.

Videos and Pictures

One of the best ways to understand and appreciate how I rescue cats in trees is to view the videos, images, and articles on the Media page, the image Gallery, and the individual rescue stories found in the blog or Rescue Stories page.