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We had to wait several hours for all the stormy weather and lightning to stop before I could go rescue Meowki. Poor guy was stuck in a tree during that weather, and he was not happy about it. Meowki is a three and a half year old kitty who got stuck in the tree the night before, and he did not want to spend another night there. He was about 25 feet high in a tree very close to his Baton Rouge home where he lives with his owner, Delilah, but the tree was close to a power pole with wires reaching in several directions, and two of those wires ran directly beneath the limb where he was resting. Meowki is not known for being super friendly to strangers, but I did my best to make friends with him as I approached. He was not impressed, however, and I could not convince him to let me get close. He turned away from me and walked out near the end of his limb and sat there defiantly. I offered food to him, but he was not taking the bait. I could not lure him to me, and I did not want to use the l


Amy and Joshua were in the drive-through lane at the Starbucks in Denham Springs when they heard a kitten crying. As cat-lovers, this was not something they could ignore, so they got out and looked all around until they finally located the kitten at the top of a small Cypress tree which was between Starbucks and the Chick-fil-A next door. Needless to say, this is in a busy commercial part of town, and this is no place for a kitten. After a few phone calls, Amy and Joshua found me, and I said I could be there in 30 minutes. They were so concerned about this kitten that they were willing to wait another 30 minutes for me to arrive and even more time for me to bring the kitten down out of the tree. On top of that, since this kitten was unknown and had no place to go, they agreed to take it home and adopt it into their family. After I arrived, another person from one of the other restaurants came out and told us more of the story about this kitten. She said that someone found the kitten in


It was Peach, a six-month-old, indoor kitty in Addis, who finally brought me some relief from my summer rescue slump by escaping his house at night and getting stuck in the neighbor's Pecan tree. Michele looked all over for him but could not find him until the next day. All her many efforts to get him down failed, and she finally found me and gave me a call. She was relieved to have found someone who would rescue her sweet kitty, and I was relieved to have a rescue to do. Peach was only a little over 20 feet high, and he appeared to be asleep on top of a limb. He had no reaction to anything going on below or even to me when I climbed up into the tree with him. When I reached my hand out to him, he casually sniffed it and had little reaction. I touched his shoulder and patted his head, and, again, no reaction. He appeared still to be partly asleep. He was not coming any closer to me, and I could not reach him well enough from my position, so I climbed a little higher so that I could

Gris Gris

Gris Gris (gree-gree) is an indoor-only cat who escaped and climbed a sketchy Sweet Gum tree in a wooded area near her home in Baton Rouge. She climbed a skinny, near-vertical stem looking for a comfortable place to rest, but there wasn't one. She kept climbing until she was 40 feet high where she settled on a small, uncomfortable limb, and she started crying for help. Courtney, her owner, found her quickly and tried to coax Gris Gris down, but Gris Gris simply did not know how to climb straight down that skinny stem. Courtney cares deeply for her kitty, so she didn't waste any time finding me to see if I could help. When she called me, her kitty had been stuck in the tree only two hours. I was a bit dismayed to see the tree that Gris Gris had chosen to climb. This small, crooked tree trunk rose about 20 feet where the top had apparently broken off long ago. That wound caused two new stems to sprout on opposite sides of the new top, and both of these new stems rose almost verti