Kitty's Second Rescue

Kitty became my first repeat offender when he escaped and became stuck in a different tree just two weeks after his first rescue.  He was only 20 feet high and had been in the tree only one night.  Unlike his first rescue, however, this time he was not friendly or cooperative.  He seemed stressed and terrified of me and climbed slightly higher and out to the end of a branch where he stopped to cry and pant.  He had no interest in the food I offered him.

Kitty in net hanging on the rim and cryingThe weather was threatening so we didn't have much time.  Since he wasn't cooperating, I used my net to reel him in.  He was 10 feet away from me, and I found it difficult to hold his weight at that distance, especially with the awkward position I put myself in.  He would not allow himself to fall all the way into the net, so I had to help him by prying his paws off the rim one by one.  Given how scared he was, I was concerned that he would try to bite me as I grabbed his paws, but he didn't even appear to think about it.  Once he was in the net, I brought him down just as the rain began to fall.  He was quickly taken inside his house and released from the net to begin his recovery from yet another stressful rescue.