Alley is a tame, sweet, young calico who had been stuck in a tree for seven nights before I got the call to rescue her.  She had been stuck once before in another tree but somehow found her way down on her fifth day.  More than likely she fell, but she won't talk about it and holds that secret to this day.  Her family was hoping she would find her way down again this time, but it was not happening.  With the help of their out-of-state daughter who did some web searches, they finally found me on Alley's eighth day.

It was a 45-minute drive out to their very rural home where I found Alley about 30 feet high in a tree next to the driveway.  This picture shows her position circled in red.  I was told that Alley was a very tame lap cat who showed no fear or stress around strangers, so I was hoping for an easy rescue.  Indeed, she was a very cooperative kitty and a quick and easy rescue.

I thought she might be more interested in water than food after eight days in a tree, so I first offered her just plain water.  Either she was not interested or she had difficulty seeing and smelling it, because she did not even try to dip her tongue into it.  So I opened a can of food, and that clearly got her interest.  After I gave her a few bites, I placed the food in the back of the carrier and let her walk inside.  Her ride down to the ground was a little bumpy because of all the short limbs blocking our way, but once down, I handed the carrier to the owners and they took her inside and released her.  They found that Alley had lost a lot of weight, but, otherwise, she appeared fine, and they were very happy to have her back home again.