Please do not misunderstand me.  It's not that I wish for any cat to be stuck and suffering in a tree, but I sure was happy when I got the call to rescue Simba again.  I was happy, because I love to rescue Simba.  He is such a fun and amusing cat who is always relaxed and affectionate and easy to rescue.  This is the third time I have had to rescue him, and they all ended the same way: with Simba riding down to the ground in my lap.

This time, Simba was in a different tree, but it was fairly close to the old one.  He was just over 20 feet high and uncharacteristically quiet when I arrived.  Maybe he was napping, but after he heard us below talking about him, he began to talk a bit, and I was no longer concerned about him.

His rescue was routine, just like the first two before.  I climbed up to him and he happily greeted me.  We visited for a few minutes, and then he stepped into my lap.  While in my lap, he began to purr and then lifted his head up to mine and gave me a kiss.  I pulled him closer to me and held him securely to descend.  It was a short ride, and he patiently watched the ground come closer until my feet touched the ground.  At that point, he jumped down and was happy to resume his routine.

Simba's family feels a bit embarrassed to have to call me so often, but that's just the way it is with some cats.  They keep him inside almost all the time, but there are still times when he slips out the door.  I don't mind at all.  In fact, I really enjoy rescuing him.  He is quite a cat with an adorable personality, and I would be happy to visit with him in a tree again.