Just five months ago, I rescued an adorable, sweet cat named Doodle, and today, I rescued his adorable, sweet, litter-mate brother, Cosmo.  Doodle and Cosmo live with two different people in different neighborhoods.  Making it even more interesting, the mama cat, Noodle, lives with Cosmo and often climbs up and down trees on her own.  I don't know if there is a genetic reason, or if it is something that was not learned or taught in the family, but whatever the reason, Doodle and Cosmo don't know how to climb down a tree.

Cosmo is strictly an indoor cat, but he slipped out and climbed up a tree in his front yard where he got stuck on a branch about 20 feet high.  Lindsey tried to coax him down, but nothing worked.  Fortunately, Lindsey knew just what to do.  She already knew about me because Paula, her client and Doodle's human mom, had told her about Doodle's rescue a few months earlier.  Lindsey called me early that morning, and I went out there shortly after that.

Cosmo is a very friendly boy inside the house, but outside he is very afraid.  I was not sure what to expect from him since fear usually overrides everything else.  But I thought I had a good chance of earning his trust and cooperation if I just remain calm, give him enough time and don't do anything to frighten him.

I slowly climbed up to his branch, and Cosmo remained in place on his branch several feet from the stem.  He did not appear either alarmed or happy about my presence there, so I gave him some time to adjust.  It took only a minute before he decided that I was a good guy, and he began walking toward me.  He came calmly up to me and sniffed my hand and let me pet him.  I was so happy to see this.  It seemed that he would be cooperative enough to walk into the carrier without any food enticement.

I held the carrier up to him.  He looked inside with curiosity but did not go inside.  He sniffed my hand again as if to verify that I could be trusted.  I petted him and reassured him, and again he looked and took one step inside but backed out again.  Each time he backed out, I petted him some more and scratched his back.  Eventually, he was satisfied that this was a safe place, and he walked all the way inside.  I tucked his tail inside the carrier and closed the door.
I brought him down and gave him to Lindsey.  With great relief, she took him inside to release him where he resumed his normal activity as if nothing had happened.

Afterward, Lindsey sent me this picture of him resting  That Cosmo really is a cute, sweet boy, just like his brother, Doodle.