Simba's Sixth Rescue

It was only a matter of time.  It was not a question of "if", but "when."  I have been expecting Simba to get stuck in a tree again, and today is the day it happened.  I have rescued Simba five times before, so this would be his sixth rescue.  But there is more:  Simba has been stuck in a tree seven other times but was either rescued by Kerry, his dad, or somehow came down on his own.  That brings the total number of times that Simba has been stuck in a tree to thirteen.  And he is only three years old.

I am lucky to have a cat like Simba to rescue, so the more times I rescue him, the better for me.  Simba is cool, laid-back, friendly and cooperative -- the perfect qualities I like in a cat to rescue.  So, I am always happy to rescue him.

This time, however, Simba ventured beyond his own yard and went across the ditch to the backyard neighbor's yard.  Fortunately, the neighbors, Larry and Tammy, were very congenial and understanding people and were very gracious to allow me in their backyard to rescue Simba.

Simba was about 30 feet high near the top of a small, but climbable tree.  I had a little trouble getting my rope set up in the tree, and I made slightly more noise and commotion than usual.  Simba has always taken the setup process in stride in the past, but this time he seemed a little troubled by it.  When I eventually climbed up to him, I could tell he was in a bit of a grumpy mood.  I don't know if I caused it or if he was already in a grumpy mood before I started, but he showed little interest in me as he sat there swishing his tail back and forth.

I gave him some time to warm up to me while I got into a better position to reach him.  Sure enough, he settled down and began to look like himself again.  He sniffed my hand and let me pet him.  Now he was settled down and relaxed like the Simba I have always known.  He has never had a problem with the carrier in the past, so I held it up to him, and he readily walked inside.  There was no need to talk him into it or entice him with food.  He was ready, and he knew what to do.

I brought him down and turned him over to Kerry who took him home and released him there.  Simba had been in the tree only a full day, so no one was worried about his recovery.  He went inside, ate a good bit and then stretched out on the carpet to do what he does best:  relax.