Meet Tanner.  He is a very sweet, laid-back tuxedo cat who is about 7 months old.  Of course, after being stuck in a tree for five days, it is difficult to have enough energy to be anything but laid-back.  He is an indoor cat, but somehow got across the street and up 30 feet in the neighbor's Tallow tree where he got stuck.  Amy and Ron asked all over for help to get him down, and they got all the usual bad advice from the ignorant, dangerous masses that Tanner would come down when he was ready.  What this bad advice accomplished is a delay in Tanner's rescue and more suffering not only for Tanner but also for Amy and Ron.  Fortunately, they called CARA's House for advice and were referred to me.

When I arrived, I met Amy and Ron and they led me across the street to the large Tallow tree that held Tanner.  Tanner was in the topmost crotch of a vertical branch, so there was nothing above him I could use to install my rope.  Instead, I installed the rope on a branch about five feet below him and would have to work my way up higher from there to reach him.  Fortunately, he had no reaction to the rope installation process and was living up to his laid-back reputation.  He chatted to us below at times and remained relaxed.

I climbed up as high as my rope would allow and began to work my way up a little higher.  Tanner watched me with interest as I came closer and closer, and he remained calm.  He would talk to me every now and then too.  In order to reach him, I needed to install a rope over the crotch where he was resting, so I reached up to him and let him sniff my hand as well as the rope I was holding.  He was perfectly relaxed and allowed me to stuff the rope over the crotch without any complaint.  When I slid the leather sleeve over the crotch to protect both the rope and the tree from damage, he was even more curious and put his white paw on it to check it out and maybe even to help me guide it into place.  I love to see that reaction since it signifies a very relaxed cat.

Once I had that rope installed and had pulled myself up to him, I was finally close enough to rescue him.  Now I could enjoy petting him and making friends with him there.  I could also see just how pretty he is with his soft black coat, contrasting white whiskers and shining eyes.  I would have loved to take this little boy home with me.

Since he was so relaxed, I held the open end of the carrier up to him so he could walk inside.  I did not think he would need any food to entice him inside.  He looked inside but did not move at first.  Then he stood up and put one foot inside and then back out.  He was still relaxed and comfortable, but he simply had not yet felt the need to go inside.  I gave him some more time, and, after a minute, he figured it out and stepped all the way inside.  I closed the door and brought him down.  Easy rescue.

I handed him over the Amy, and she took him inside and released him.  First, he drank a lot of water, and then she fed him.  After checking out the house to make sure all was in order, he settled in and began his long, deep sleep, and they sent this picture of him to me.  How luxurious to be able to surrender completely to a sound sleep on a soft, comfortable place where you don't have to worry about falling off.  Sleep well, Tanner.  And don't go outside anymore.