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Cat stuck in a tree?

It happens all the time. All cats are natural tree climbers, but when it is time to come down, some cats know how to climb down and some don’t. Those that don’t know how to come down are truly stuck. When the cat is stuck, the cat and its owner are both suffering, and that suffering is needlessly prolonged when numerous people convince the owner that all cats come down on their own. That is not true. Some cats will come down, but some won't. If the cat has had enough time to figure out how to come down on its own and is still stuck, then it's time for a rescue. All About Cats in Trees The subject of cats in trees is poorly understood by the general public, and I hope that the  Cats in Trees section will bring some much-needed clarity to the topic. I invite you to use the navigation links in the sidebar to explore this section where I share all that I have learned about cats in trees, such as why cats get stuck , what to do if you find a cat in a tree , how to coax a cat do