If you like fluffy cats, you will love Monkey, the four-year old Ragdoll kitty that belongs to Razan (sounds similar to Roseanne). Monkey is a very friendly and relaxed boy with a very long and thick Siamese-colored coat that scores a perfect 10 on the floof scale. Instead of a cat with a fluffy coat, he looks more like a huge ball of fluff that happens to have a cat stuck inside. He is also very friendly and sociable. He likes to visit his neighbors, and they all like to visit with him and give him little treats. So when he got stuck in a tree in his yard, the whole neighborhood took notice and tried to help him down.

No one worked as hard and diligently to get him down as Razan. She was very distressed over his predicament and was not going to just sit idle and wait. She even managed to throw a rope over Monkey's branch and pull a wash tub with food inside up to him. Monkey inspected the tub and seemed to contemplate the idea of jumping down into it, but he didn't quite summon the courage to do so. Razan parked her car under the tree and stood on the roof to get closer to him, and it looked like he just might be ready to jump down into the tub when Razan slipped and fell on the windshield of her car. Razan was fine, but the windshield shattered while remaining intact. The noise and commotion scared Monkey, and he went back to his resting spot. He was not likely to ever go close to that wash tub again. Razan was discouraged with her own rescue attempts and searched the internet for help. That is when she found me.

When I drove up to the site, I saw Razan in the yard working with the rope attached to the wash tub. I saw the wash tub in the tree, and it was a great idea that could have worked if she had been able to get it high enough so that Monkey would not have to jump so far down to it. I parked my truck and met Razan, a delightful woman with energy and humor, and she told me all about Monkey and her attempts to rescue him. Since Monkey is such a friendly boy, I was expecting this to be an easy rescue.

Setting my rope in the tree above Monkey scared him a little bit, so he was cautious with me when I first climbed up to him. I spent a few minutes trying to make friends with him, but he would not come to me. When I opened a can of food, however, he immediately responded in recognition of that sound and came straight to me. Strangely, however, he was not interested in actually eating the food. He sniffed it, but did not take one bite. Without that incentive to lure him into a carrier, I decided to bag him instead.

I prepared the bag while Monkey got bored with me and retreated back to his resting spot a few feet away. Razan had told me that he will come to you if you just place your open hand down at his level. I reached out my hand and held it there on the limb of the tree, and, as if on command, he responded by coming straight to me. I petted him some more and then grabbed his fluffy scruff and pulled the bag over him.

I took him down to Razan who was waiting below. She could not wait to take him out of the bag and hold him. It was very touching and rewarding to watch as she reunited with her much-loved Monkey. She had been distressed since he first got stuck in the tree, and now her suffering was over. She hugged him and talked with him and reveled in the joy of being together again. After a few minutes, she took him inside where I was sure she would tend to his every wish and need. After getting settled back in, Monkey settled down on the couch for a much-needed, long, deep sleep, and Razan took this picture and sent it to me.