Kairi is a sweet, nine-month-old calico that has been with Jason and Mickey since they bottle-fed her as a small kitten. Kairi got stuck in a tree next to her house in Walker and had been stuck there for two cold nights in spite of Jason's creative efforts to get her down. When I arrived, I found Kairi crying constantly and looking pitiful, lonely and desperate. Unfortunately, the tree she had chosen was less than desirable for climbing, so I had to use a slow, tedious and strenuous method of climbing to reach her. Fortunately, she was only 30 feet high, and, once I reached 20 feet, she got so excited to see me, that she began to work her way down to me. She was trying to go forward down that steep trunk, and her feet kept slipping and sliding. She would stop at a small limb where she could get a foothold, but the closer I got to her, the more desperate she became to come down to me. We were eventually only a few feet apart, but she could not wait for me any longer and made a daring move down the trunk to get closer. As she did so, her lost her grip and flipped as her rear legs slid down one side of the tree while her front legs searched for a grip on the other side. She managed to slow herself down and hang in a head-up position while I reached for her to catch her. I picked her up and placed her in my lap, and she settled in there as if this were something we did everyday. I petted her and held her close to my body as we went down to the ground. Once we were on the ground, she jumped out of my lap and walked into the house.