Sammi is such a sweet and friendly kitten that you would never suspect that she was born to a feral mother. Fortunately for Sammi, however, Tonita was there at the beginning to adopt her and teach her all the ways of a proper tame kitten. While Sammi stays inside almost all the time, she does occasionally go out on supervised trips in the yard. We are not sure why she did it, but she climbed a tree at the fence line and did not know how to climb back down. She stopped in a fork less than 20 feet high and cried for help. Tonita called the Fire Department, and they referred her to me.

Rescuing Sammi was easy. She was so happy to see me and motivated to come down that she quickly jumped down onto my lap, and I slowly brought her down to the ground. Just before reaching the ground, she jumped from my lap and walked to Tonita, though she took a circuitous route through the weeds to get there.

Tonita was very relieved to have her baby back home again, and Sammi enjoyed having a soft and comfortable place to rest again.