People often ask their neighbors to take care of their cat while they are out of town, but when this person in Natchez, Mississippi asked her neighbors to care for her cat, she introduced a new complication: her cat was stuck in a tree. The neighbor had to leave suddenly for a family emergency out of state, and the problem of getting her cat, Chester, down from the tree was dropped in the laps of Jolene, Peggy and John.

Jolene, Peggy and John worked very hard to get Chester down, but after all their many efforts failed, they eventually discovered Bob Reese, the rescuer of cats in trees in Mississippi. Bob referred them to me since I was located much closer to them.

Chester is a sweet, seven-month-old, orange-and-white kitty, and he was stuck about 30 feet high in a tree next to a wooden fence. By the time I climbed up to him, he had been stuck up there for three full days, and he was very happy to see me. I held a carrier up to him so he could walk inside, but he was hesitant to place any more than his front feet inside. As I prepared to open a can of food to give him a stronger reason to go inside, he stepped down to a lower limb. I gave him another chance go inside the carrier, and, this time, he stepped all the way in and settled down. I closed the door and brought him down. John, Peggy and Jolene took him home and were very happy and relieved now that Chester was down and their three days of stress were finally over.