Poor Peaches. She sure picked a bad time to get stuck in a tree. She suffered through violent rain and lightning storms all night long, and, by daybreak, she was soaking wet, shivering and crying as the temperature began to fall. It must have been difficult for both Peaches and her very concerned family to wait the two hours it took for me to drive to them near Carriere, Mississippi that morning, but by the time I arrived, the weather had improved, and Peaches was mostly dry and perking up.

It was eight months ago that Brittany's father found Peaches as a small, homeless kitten at the local school. He brought her home where Brittany bottled-fed her and raised her into the sweet orange tabby she is today, and it is because of her sweet nature that she was easy to rescue.

Peaches was about 50 feet high in a Sweet Gum tree when I arrived, but she got excited when she saw all the people below trying to help her, and she managed to come down a little bit. She was on a short limb when I climbed up to her, and we quickly became friends. She was very affectionate with me and was ready to go down. I placed the open carrier in front of her, but she would not go inside until I put some food inside for extra incentive. Once she was in the carrier, I closed the door and brought her down. Her family was very relieved to have their little girl safe at home again.