I was on my way to rescue Bojangles when I got a message from Mary and Jeremy about their cat, Buster, who had been stuck in a tree for two nights. Buster is one and a half years old and is a cute gray tabby boy. Jeremy and Mary had been working long hours trying everything they could to get him down from the large Sweet Gum tree, but Buster was 30 feet high and well beyond the reach of their ladder. When Mary called Cat Haven for help, they referred her to me.

When I was installing my rope in the tree, Buster walked out one of the limbs to get away from the action but, otherwise, did not appear to be much disturbed by the commotion. Fortunately, he is a sociable boy and came back up the limb to see me when I climbed up to him. I petted him a few times while he walked around, and then I placed the carrier on the limb in front of him. He looked inside and decided it looked okay and stepped inside. I did not even need to entice him with food. I closed the door and brought him down to a relieved Jeremy and Mary. They had been stressed about Buster for two days, and they were very happy to see this ordeal come to an end. They took him inside the house to release him, and Buster proceeded to catch up on the eating he had been missing. A little while later, they sent these pictures of him to me to show him happy to be back in Jeremy's arms and settling back into the comforts of home. Actually, every picture that appears here came courtesy of Mary and Jeremy, because, once again, my notoriously incompetent videographer bungled the rescue video. And that is a tragic loss, because that Buster is one cute cat, and I wish you could see him.