Evie is a sweet, nine-month-old gray tabby girl who got stuck in a Sweet Gum tree in her own, fenced-in backyard. We don't know why she climbed the tree, but the more her family tried to coax her down, the higher she went. Up was the only direction she could figure out, and by the time I arrived, she was 45 feet high and very near the top of the tree.

While Evie would generally be expected to run away from strangers under normal circumstances, it turned out that, after spending four nights in the tree, she was actually happy to see me, and I was grateful for that. After all, after climbing as high as I could safely go in that tree, I still had to reach for her, so if she had gone any higher, the rescue would have been much more difficult and risky due to the rotting stem she was on. But Evie was friendly and cooperative, so all I had to do was lift her out of her perch and put her in the bag.

Evie is doing fine now and has returned to doing her favorite things: eating, sleeping and running to the bathroom when she hears the water in the shower being turned on, because she loves to watch the water running down the glass shower door. The last picture shows her getting some sleep with her big brother, Bijoux.