When Brandy saw the tiny ball of fluff wandering the dangerous street all alone one night, she did not hesitate to pick it up and take it home. She bottle-fed and cared for the solid gray kitten, and, before long, the kitten began to thrive. Now, the kitten, named GrayC, is three month's old, and, for reasons unknown, she climbed a small Pine tree at the edge of the property and got stuck there. Brandy and her husband did everything they could to get her down but became increasingly frustrated as GrayC just climbed higher and higher. Eventually, a plea for help on Facebook led them to me, and, by the time I arrived, GrayC had been there a full 24 hours.

When I arrived, GrayC was about 25 feet high in a Pine tree that was rather small and had no limbs available that were suitable for installing a climbing rope, so I climbed the tree using a slow method. GrayC watched me and was calm and patient as she waited for me to reach her. She spoke to me rarely, but her voice was more like a soft, scratchy squeak than a meow. Once I was within reach, I petted her gently, and she was just as relaxed and comfortable with me as she could be. I lifted her out of the crotch where she had draped her small body and placed her in my lap. She was very docile and did not complain one bit. I held her there for a few minutes to enjoy connecting with this sweet ball of fluff, and then I pulled the carrier up to her. As soon as the carrier came to rest in front of her, she happily stepped inside, and I closed the door and brought her down.

Later that evening, Brandy sent these pictures of GrayC enjoying some much-needed sleeping and cuddling time after her unpleasant stay in an uncomfortable tree.