This poor little unknown kitty was stuck in a tree for four days and was almost exhausted and had just about given up hope. Robin discovered her in a Pine tree at her workplace in Loranger, and tried everything she could to help the kitty down. Robin has a big heart for all animals, especially cats, and has three cats of her own, and she was painfully distressed to see this cat suffering and to be unable to help. It was her veterinarian who finally referred her to me, and when she called me, I could sense that she was suffering even more than the cat was.

When I arrived, the cat was only 20 feet high in a large Pine tree, and she was motionless and quiet as she stretched across two closely-spaced limbs. She appeared tired and sleepy and was not responding to Robin as she had in the past.

When I climbed up to her, however, she came to life. This long-hair beauty was happy to see me, and we made friends very quickly. She especially wanted me to rub her head over and over, and I was happy to do so. I noticed she was wearing a collar, but it appeared to be a Seresto flea collar which had no identification on it.

I placed the carrier on the limb in front of her thinking she would readily walk inside, but she didn't. I opened a can of food for her to see if that would entice her inside the carrier. It didn't. What she wanted most was for me to rub her head and cheeks over and over, so I did so while gradually moving my hand inside the carrier while she followed. It was the loving she needed most, so that is how I enticed her inside the carrier.

Back on the ground, I checked her for a microchip but did not find one. We transferred her to Robin's carrier, and Robin took her home where she gave her all the care and attention she needed. Robin continues to search for her home, but in the meantime, she named her Sassy. She made an appointment with the vet to have her checked out and spayed, if needed, and if her home is not found, Robin will find a good new home for her. I know this sweet kitty is in good hands and Robin will do her best to give her a bright future.