Unknown, Precious and Unnamed

Rescues continue despite the pandemic, though with proper social distancing, of course. My reporting of the rescues, however, has been hindered by a certain kitten I am fostering. I recently rescued a super sweet, seven-month-old calico (Willow) out of a tree just off the interstate, and I have been fostering her ever since while I work to find a good home for her. She is a very sociable girl and does not allow me very much uninterrupted time, especially at the computer, so things like editing videos and writing rescue stories have taken a back seat. So, quickly, before she discovers me at the computer again, here is a brief report of three rescues.

First, there was the sweet gray and white tabby that got stuck on the roof of a two-story apartment building in Baton Rouge. This kitty is known to the area residents, but it is not known if she has an actual home. Several people were concerned about her and independently contacted me because she is a friendly and sociable girl. Rescuing her was easy since she waited patiently for me to reach her and greeted me warmly. My plan to bring her down in my lap failed because she is not comfortable being in a lap, and my alternate plan to bring her down in the carrier failed because she refused to go inside even for food. I was forced to bag her, but she handled it very well, and when I let her out on the ground, she calmly walked out and was happy to eat the food I offered her.

I have since been contacted by Cori, one of the residents there, with some updates about this kitty. Cori took the cat to a vet where it was learned that she is indeed a female and, fortunately, already spayed. She also investigated further and learned that the kitty's original owner had recently moved to Detroit and left the cat behind. Cori then went to work to find a home for the cat and successfully placed her in a new home where she is now fully loved and appreciated. That is super-hero work, Cori. Thank you!

The second rescue was for Precious, a sweet, brown tabby girl who just showed up at Kriston's house in Baker and decided to stay. She was already ear-tipped, and Kriston was happy to give her a home. Precious got stuck in a large tree riddled with poison ivy and had been there for one night. She was friendly and happy to see me at first, but I must have done something wrong, because she suddenly became scared and was looking for an exit. Because her choices of exits were even more frightening to her, she stayed in her place. That gave me time to make friends with her again and gain her trust. It seems it was scratching her upper back that made the difference to her, and once she decided I was okay, she readily walked into the carrier for a safe ride home.

The third rescue was for a feral, six-month-old kitten that is fed by Heather in Livingston. The unnamed kitten had been stuck in the tree for five nights before Heather found me. The rescue did not go well, since feral cats can't be expected to be cooperative. She went out to the end of the limb to get away from me, and I failed in my attempts to get the noose of the rescue pole around her. As she worked to get away from me, she stepped even farther out onto skinnier limbs and eventually fell. While Heather and others were down below to catch her in a net, the kitty missed the net and landed on the ground. No harm was done, however, as it quickly ran under the house to hide, and later emerged acting as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately, I also failed to get a single picture or video, so I can't show you just how cute this kitty is.