Lucy sure picked a bad day to get stuck in a tree. This two-year-old gray tabby girl got stuck in the next-door neighbor's tree in Greenwell Springs on the day that tropical storm Cristobal passed through the area. She was 45 feet high on the lowest limb of this tall tree and suffered all day and night as the frequent, and oftentimes heavy, rains fell. It was fortunate that the area was spared the worst of the storm, but it was still a miserable place to be, and she let everyone know it.

Ashley found Lucy when she was a small kitten under a car in the parking lot of her workplace. Lucy was the only survivor of a litter that was found in the nearby woods close to a busy road, so Ashley took her home and adopted her into her family. Lucy settled in very well and even became friends with her canine sister, Bella. Lucy likes to visit her next-door neighbor, Cheryl, because Cheryl is generous with treats and attention, and it was Cheryl's backyard tree that now held Lucy prisoner.

I suspect that Lucy's misery made her much more receptive to my rescue the following morning than she normally may have been. She greeted me readily and was very cooperative by walking into the carrier without the need for any food enticement. It was just a matter of holding the carrier up to her, letting her walk inside, and bringing her down. She made it very easy and enjoyable for me. I also enjoyed all the resurrection ferns which had been enlivened by the rain. They blanketed most of the tree, making it very pretty and lush.

After a big meal and a long nap with her head pressed against Bella's butt, Lucy is fine now and back to doing all the things she likes best.