Kitty is a sweet, four-month-old black kitten with a few small white spots, and she got stuck in a tree in her backyard in Denham Springs. By the time I arrived to bring her down, Kitty had spent two nights in the tree, and she could not stand to be stuck up there another minute. She wanted down, and she wanted down NOW! She cried constantly and loudly to make sure the whole world heard, and the desperation in her cry was heart-breaking and painful to hear.

Kitty was about 50 feet high and near the top of the tree. I installed my rope about 10 feet below her, and by the time I climbed up to her, she had come down to greet me there at that point. I did not see how she came down, but I soon learned that this little girl could not stand still. She readily made friends with me there, and I thought this was going to be an easy rescue. But before I knew it, she walked out the limb to my left and then came back and greeted me again. After a quick, unsuccessful attempt to get her to walk inside the carrier, she walked out the limb in front of me. From there she stepped onto a different limb and walked all the way out to the end. While I climbed up a little higher to get in a better position, she somehow got on the limb to my right and was now standing there watching me. I quickly pulled myself over to get closer to her, and she came down a bit to greet me again. I held the carrier up to her, and, after a minute of thinking about it, she walked inside. As I closed the door, I wondered if this carrier would be strong enough to contain all the energy inside this little girl, but she settled down and seemed to know that her tree torture was now over.

Once we were back on the ground, I released her on the back porch, and she went straight for the food. While she ate, I petted her and then packed up. By the time I left, she and the rest of her family were all settled down and relieved, and I felt happy that that sweet, little kitty did not need to cry in desperation anymore.