Girl is an inside cat in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, but something spooked her when the door happened to be open, and she ran outside and across the street where she was chased by two loose dogs into a wooded area. Girl escaped by climbing up a Pine tree and settling on a small limb about 35 feet high near the top of the tree. Girl escaped the dogs, but she could not escape the tree and was stuck there for six long days during some cold weather, including one near-freezing rainy night. She was miserable, and she cried loudly and constantly to let everyone know.

Girl became scared when I climbed up to her, so I went slowly and tried to reassure her every step of the way. She was clearly uncomfortable, but she was also clearly too tired to react and never moved from her position the entire time. She sniffed my hand but had little reaction to it.  When I petted her, however, she relaxed a good bit and felt reassured.

She had no interest in the carrier, so I put her in the bag instead and brought her down. She was taken home and released inside where she immediately ran to hide under the bed. She came out of hiding later and was clearly happy to be back home and safe. Hopefully, she will remember her outdoor experience the next time and will resist the urge to escape.