I don't enjoy seeing anyone in distress, but I do like knowing that a cat owner cares enough to be distressed when her cat is stuck in a tree. That is a good sign that the cat is loved and given great care. Libby was distressed, and I could tell that her cat, Lucy, means more to her than just a pet. Lucy is a member of her family, and Libby would not rest until her baby is safely back down in her arms again.

Lucy is a beautiful one-and-a-half-year-old kitty with long black and brown hair, and she is strictly an inside cat. Lucy escaped her house in Maurepas and went across the street and climbed a tall, skinny Cypress tree right at the edge of a swamp. She climbed 40 feet high and settled there on an uncomfortable limb. Libby did everything she could to coax Lucy down, but Lucy was stuck. Libby did not wait to find help, and by the time I was there the next morning, Lucy had been stuck in the tree only 12 hours.

From the descriptions I was getting about Lucy as a skittish cat, I was not expecting her to be cooperative, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see her remaining calm and in place as I slowly climbed up to her. I had no trouble making friends with her, and she readily walked into the carrier so I could bring her down.

It was a joy to see the relief on Libby's face and in her movements. She was much more relaxed now that Lucy was down, safe and back inside the house. Libby and her next-door neighbor, Yvonne, were both very grateful and wanting to do something for me in return. But all I wanted was a picture of Lucy resting afterward, and I am very happy to have that.