Elsa Again

Elsa did it again. Just five days after her last rescue, Elsa got stuck in a tree again. She is an inside cat, but when you live with small children who are frequently going in and out the door, it's easy to find an opportunity to slip out. No one noticed when she slipped out the door, and no one knows why she climbed the tree, but, the next morning, Laurie found Elsa by following the sound of her cries down the road. There she was, 55 feet high near the top of the tree at the side of the road. At least this time, Laurie already knew who to call.

Elsa normally runs and hides from people she does not know, but I would never know that from my limited experience with her. She seemed downright friendly with me this time. While it's true that she was near the top of the tree and had no other place to go to get away from me, she did not appear to be the least bit distressed or interested in getting away from me. She greeted me and let me pet her right away, and, when I put her in the bag, she didn't complain one bit. She seemed to know this was the way to go home, and she was content with that.

I enjoyed seeing this photogenic cutie again, but I do hope she quickly learns her lesson about how inhospitable it can be outside and stops wanting to escape. But if she does get stuck in a tree again, I will be happy to rescue her.