This is a rescue that just fell into my lap. Literally. Simba is a four-to-five-month-old orange kitten who was 40 feet high in a Sweetgum tree in his front yard in Denham Springs, and he was so anxious to be rescued, he could not wait for me to come to him. Once I started getting close to him, he found the courage to go down to the next limb where he draped his body across it while he waited for me to come even closer. But I was too slow for him, and he decided to come down my rope to me. When he lost his footing, he fell into my lap as he tried to grab a tiny limb off to the side. I caught him in my lap and then cradled him in my arms and held him tight against my chest. He started purring immediately and was perfectly happy to be settled there. I love it when a kitty trusts me so fully to do this. We bonded there in the tree for a minute, and then I spread out the cat bag on my knees and placed him on it. I pulled the sides of the bag up around him and secured him in the bag. I held him in my arms against my chest again to reassure him through the bag, and he was still purring. Kitties don't get any sweeter than this.

Simba's mamas, both human and feline, had been on the ground worried about him and calling for him all day. Now that Simba was on the ground, their day-long ordeal was over, and as Simba's human mama carried him in the bag back to the house, his feline mama somehow knew her baby was in the bag and followed them back home. Once inside, all three reconnected and were reassured that all is well again.

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to help Simba and put an end to his suffering in the tree. Every rescue feels good, but it is especially enjoyable when the kitty so fully trusts me and bonds with me right away as Simba did. I wish every rescue could be like this.