Lucky's Second Rescue

Lucky got stuck in a tree again, but I don't mind. I love rescuing this sweet boy, because he is very cute, friendly and entertaining. The first time I rescued him was five months ago in a small tree in his backyard in Geismar. This time he was stuck about 20 feet high in one of two massive Live Oak trees in his backyard. It would be impossible to rescue an uncooperative cat in a huge tree like this with all the very long, large branches providing so much room for a cat to roam, but Lucky's sociable personality makes it easy and fun. He is so cute with the variety of vocal sounds he makes -- which, unfortunately, cannot be heard well in the video (below) -- and the way he repeatedly rubs his head on the tree and looks at me with his head turned upside down. After we visited in the tree for several minutes, he stepped onto my lap, and we came down to the ground that way.

Lucky is an inside cat, but he has been finding some opportunities to sneak out lately, and I expect him to continue to make more attempts. After all, he has discovered a very interesting and exciting world out there, and those Live Oak trees are the ultimate cat tree for exploring and fun. So I may be seeing this boy again someday, and, honestly, I hope so. That would be lucky for me.