It was Peach, a six-month-old, indoor kitty in Addis, who finally brought me some relief from my summer rescue slump by escaping his house at night and getting stuck in the neighbor's Pecan tree. Michele looked all over for him but could not find him until the next day. All her many efforts to get him down failed, and she finally found me and gave me a call. She was relieved to have found someone who would rescue her sweet kitty, and I was relieved to have a rescue to do.

Peach was only a little over 20 feet high, and he appeared to be asleep on top of a limb. He had no reaction to anything going on below or even to me when I climbed up into the tree with him. When I reached my hand out to him, he casually sniffed it and had little reaction. I touched his shoulder and patted his head, and, again, no reaction. He appeared still to be partly asleep. He was not coming any closer to me, and I could not reach him well enough from my position, so I climbed a little higher so that I could get closer to him. When I did that, he appeared to become a little nervous, and he turned around and plopped back down on the limb with his back to me. With the cat bag prepared on my arm, I reached out to him, petted him and massaged his neck, and then lifted him off the limb and secured him in the bag. He offered no resistance or complaint, and I held him in my arms for a minute to reassure him even though he didn't seem to be the least bit upset.

I brought him down, and Michele took him back home where he settled comfortably back into his usual routine and then resumed his serious nap which I had so rudely interrupted.