Fish and Cupcake

No, I am not suggesting a new dietary fad. These are the names of two cats I just rescued near each other in Mississippi. Fish, a two-year-old, gray-and-white tabby boy, is near Kiln, and Cupcake, a six-month-old, black girl, is in Picayune. 
Both were stuck in a tree for three nights, and both were sweet and anxious to be rescued.

Unfortunately, I have no video or pictures of Fish due to a camera malfunction. He was at the top of a Pine tree when I arrived, but by the time I got my rope installed in the tree, he had gradually worked his way down about halfway. He had been desperate for a rescue for a long time, so this friendly boy gave me no trouble when I climbed up to him and introduced myself. He is safe at home now, to the great relief of his family who sent this picture of him afterward.

When Cupcake got stuck in a tree in her yard, her family sprung into action trying every do-it-yourself idea they could find. They even hauled a box up into the tree so that Cupcake could jump into it and be lowered to the ground. They got very close to succeeding with this "elevator" but ultimately fell short. Still, I greatly admire their effort and determination to rescue their sweet kitty.

Just like Fish, Cupcake began to work her way down the tree a bit once she saw me working to help her, and she eventually landed at the top of the ladder her family had tried to use to rescue her. She was very excited to have someone up there in the tree with her to give her some hope for a rescue. She had no hesitation in trusting me, and, when I placed the open carrier in front of her, she literally jumped inside. She was not going to miss her opportunity, and she didn't waste a second.

It is always fun for me to rescue cute and sweet kitties like Fish and Cupcake, and their appreciative and grateful families made it even more rewarding and enjoyable.