Betty had never been stuck in a tree before, and she didn't like it one bit. This one-year-old Russian Blue kitty climbed an ugly Pine tree just inside a wooded area in Gulfport, Mississippi, and, when she realized she was stuck 40 feet high in that tree, she started crying. She cried loudly and constantly, and, even though her mama, Maraya, heard her, she kept crying anyway. Betty wanted to make sure the world knew she was miserable and needed help.

Help arrived the next morning when I climbed up the tree to her. She was happy to see me and desperate to get down from that tree. Since I was not approaching her fast enough, she came down a bit to me and looked for a way to get on my lap. She was not going to miss this opportunity to go down. I spread the cat bag on my lap and then lifted her up off the limb and placed her gently on my lap. She was content as I petted and reassured her, and then I pulled up the sides of the bag all around her and secured her in the bag.

Betty was happy to be back home, and she ate a big meal and began working to remove all that nasty Pine scent off her coat.