Callie and Buttons

At seven years old, Callie is a bit older than most cats I rescue, but this pretty tortie proved that you are never too old to climb a tree. She remained stuck in that Sweet Gum tree in Mandeville for three nights before Lynda found me. While Callie is not the friendliest of kitties, I managed to approach her without scaring her away, and she let me pet her even though she was not particularly happy about it. It appeared she was not going to warm up to me any time soon, so I bagged her before she had a chance to escape, and I brought her down to her very relieved and grateful owner.

On my way home from rescuing Callie, I got a call from Debbie whose five-year-old cat, Buttons, was stuck in a tree in Ponchatoula which was on my route. When I arrived, I found Buttons up high standing on uncomfortably small limbs looking at us below and begging for help. In spite of his normally friendly demeanor, he was very suspicious of me. Every small noise I made fueled his anxiety, and it took me a long time to earn his trust. Once he sniffed my hand and let me touch him gently a few times, however, he welcomed my company. I wanted him to go into the carrier, but he was very reluctant to do so, even with food inside. I was about to give up on that option when I decided to try it one more time, and, thankfully, this time, he walked inside for the ride down to the ground.