Sophie, a one-year-old Siamese mix, got stuck in a tree just outside the fence of her own backyard, and she was not happy about it. Neither was Angela, her owner. Sophie was about 35 feet high in a skinny, crooked tree and had been there one night before I arrived to bring her down. She got upset with my rope installation process and was unsure of me when I climbed up to her. This blue-eyed beauty even hissed at me when I reached my hand out to her too soon. I got the message that I was pushing her too fast, so I backed off a minute and was more slow and gentle with her after that. Sophie responded by being the sweet, friendly girl she really is, and we became friends up there in the tree. Since she showed an interest in stepping onto my lap, I opened up the cat bag and spread it out over my lap, so that I could get her in the bag without needing to scruff her. Once she was on my lap, she was standing on the bottom of the bag, so all I needed to do was pull the sides of the bag up around her. I consoled her in my lap for a minute and then brought her down and gave her to Angela.