Two Unknowns

There were two cats in need of rescue on consecutive days last week, and both were unknown to the property owners. The first one was stuck in a tree for three nights in Baton Rouge, and he turned out to be quite a challenge to rescue. He went all the way out to the end of the limb and forced me to go out there with him. Once I was close enough to get my hand in sniffing distance, he let me gently stroke his cheek and rub his head, but he still never quite warmed up to me. It was a struggle for me to stretch my body out as far as possible and pull this fluffy, gray-and-white beauty off his limb and put him in the cat bag, but he never complained or fought me. Once on the ground, I checked him for a microchip but did not find one. The property owners put him inside their enclosed garage where they fed him and planned to keep him until his owner can be found.

The second rescue was a similar situation, except, this time, it was for an unknown orange tabby who had been stuck in a tree for two nights in Walker. The cat was perfectly quiet the entire time I was there, so I was concerned he might be feral, but that assumption turned out to be completely wrong. When I climbed up to him, I could not get him to come any closer to me until I opened a can of food. What a difference that made! He came straight to me and started rubbing on my legs until I put the food down for him. I put him in the cat bag and brought him down to the ground. Again, I checked for a microchip but did not find one. The property owners put him in a cage and fed him and then began their search for his owner. Because of a camera malfunction, I have very few pictures of the cat in the tree.