Kratos and Panther

I had two rescues scheduled that morning, and Kratos, the sweet, gray-and-white tabby, was the first. This three-year-old boy had slipped out a window of his Baton Rouge home and climbed a Crepe Myrtle tree in the back yard, and he had been stuck there for one night. He wasn't very high, and he let me make friends with him right away, so his rescue was pretty quick and easy. He is safely inside now and relieved to be there, and so is the rest of his family.

Panther is a young, black cat in Denham Springs, and he is not known for his friendly ways with strangers. Panther had climbed a small, leaning Tallow tree and had been stuck there for one night. It would not be safe to climb just the Tallow tree, so I set my rope in a taller Oak tree near it and pulled myself over to Panther. I was very pleased to see that Panther was willing to greet me and let me make friends with him. If he had walked out to the end of the tree as I had been expecting, I would not have been able to reach him. With his cooperation, however, this impossible rescue turned into an easy one. All I had to do was hold a carrier up to him, and he readily walked inside for the ride back down to the ground.

I have no video or pictures of either rescue because my incompetent camera man failed me again. I know I should fire him, but I am rather attached to him.