Panther Again

Panther did it again. Just five days after his first rescue, Panther climbed the same tree again and was stuck there for two nights. He was cooperative and friendly for the first rescue, and I was hoping for more of the same the second time around, because I didn't have a good and safe way to get out near the end of the leaning tree where he was perched. In spite of his reputation for running from strangers, he came to me the first time, so I thought he would come to me the second time as well.

It took him a minute longer to think about it this second time, but Panther did come to me and make it easy for me again. He was just as sweet and friendly as before, but when I placed the carrier in front of him for the ride down, this time he balked. He wasn't afraid of the carrier. It just appeared that he remembered having an unpleasant time in there the last time even though it ultimately ended with his rescue and freedom on the ground. Nope. Panther did not want to go into the carrier again.

While he probably would have been receptive to getting on my lap where I could have bagged him gently, I didn't have a lap to use, because this awkward, leaning tree forced me into a standing position. Instead, I had to bag him by grabbing him by the scruff, and I am sure he will remember that the next time, if there is one. I hope he will still be friendly and come to me if the need arises again. As for now, he is just happy and relieved to be back down on the ground.