Unknown White and Black Kitty

When Tony noticed a strange cat outside on his patio one evening, he went out to investigate, but something spooked the cat and it climbed up a tree in the back yard. He tried to coax it down, but the kitty was stuck almost 30 feet high. The kitty was wearing some kind of collar, so he posted on Nextdoor to see if he could find the owner. When I arrived to rescue the kitty, it had been in the tree less than two days.

She turned out to be a super-sweet, relaxed and friendly kitty. She trusted me from the start and made friends with me quickly. I was disappointed to see that the collar she was wearing had no contact information, so I checked her for a microchip while we were still in the tree, but no microchip was found. I spread out the cat bag on my lap, and she stepped on it as if she already knew what to do. I enjoyed having this sweet baby in my lap, and I hated to pull the bag up around her. She seemed to understand the whole procedure and accepted it all as routine.

I took her down and placed her in a carrier. I had already put some food in the carrier for her, and she went straight to it and gobbled it all down. She continued to remain relaxed, so I let her out of the carrier, and she was very happy to visit there with me and Tony. She didn't seem to be thinking about going home. We still did not know if she lived nearby. A check of the Lost Pets page and Nextdoor did not provide any answers, so Tony agreed to hold her and keep looking for the owner. She was found in Baton Rouge in the Shenandoah neighborhood off Confederate Avenue. Surely, someone is missing this sweet baby.